Selling your Used Machinery

Fahey Machinery primarily sells new machine tools, but as a service to our customers we offer used machines through the following methods:

  • Fahey takes trade-ins for resale if the equipment is late-model and in very good condition.
  • Fahey facilitates trade-ins by arranging for third-party (used) dealers to take the trade-in machine.
  • Fahey purchases used machines if they meet our standards for good condition, late-model vintage of the brands we service and support.
  • Fahey provides space for existing customers to list their machines on our website for resale.

Selling Your Used Machine – How it Works

Step One

Contact Us

You can either fill out the form below. Please give us as much information as possible and pictures always help. If you would prefer, always feel free to call the office and ask to speak to the Sales Representative in your area. We will ask you for the information that we will need or set up an appointment to visit you and inspect the machine(s) ourselves and get the appropriate information.

Step Two

Get Quote

If you would like for us to list the machine for you on our website and sell the machine “on consignment”, we will check the used machinery market for any available comparable machines to get you a comparative market price to set the asking price. If you would rather have us buy the machine directly from you for an immediate cash payout, depending on the machine and its condition we would be happy to discuss that option with you. We also frequently take good used machines on trade for the purchase of a new machine. If you have an entire plant that you would like to liquidate, we would like to discuss your options with that as well.

Step Three

Sign Contract

We will put together the appropriate documentation, we will both sign it so there is no misunderstanding as to the details of the deal. At that point, if we are purchasing the machine(s) directly we will establish how to transfer the funds to you. (Ex. check or wire transfer)

Step Four

Pick Up Machinery

After your machine(s) are sold we will arrange for a truck. Please either have a proper way to the load the equipment on the truck or schedule riggers.

If you are considering selling your used piece of equipment, please fill out the form below or give us a call at (800) 523-2439

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