The holiday season is upon us and the festive spirit of same reminds us of how thankful we are for loyal customers, supportive vendors and of course our own wonderful employees. This year each member of our service team benefited from spending a week visiting two of our key vendor manufacturing facilities allowing them to see the complex machines they work on in the field in various stages of development. We also brought a long-desired concept to fruition of having a first responder and operator support technician for our line of Laser cutting machines. This new program is already showing great promise. These experiences and investments have further strengthened an already strong bond with these vendors. Parts and tooling sales remain as strong as machine Sales with the office staff working hard to support all. While it may seem like all work and no play nothing could be further than the truth. It’s a cheerful place to work with plenty of laughter to get us through each day. Our showroom/shop is an everchanging carousel of new and used machinery so be sure to check our website often! It’s been a great year and as 2018 comes to a close we see 2019 already showing great promise. Speaking of 2019… Happy New Year Everyone!