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Welcome to CIDAN Machinery: First choice, only choice

CIDAN Machinery has manufactured machines since 1907 and is a well-established company within the sheet metal industry. We manufacture and market the brands CIDAN and Göteneds at our factory in Götene, Sweden.
Our history started with the founding of Göteneds Mekaniska Verkstad in Götene, Sweden in 1907 and we have today companies in Denmark, Sweden, China and the U.S. We have been specializing in sheet metal machinery from the very beginning, which has been our success ever since. In the neighboring country of Denmark the founding of CIDAN A/S took place in 1954. CIDAN A/S conducted their business within the sheet metal industry as well and in 1993 the company acquired Göteneds Mekaniska Verkstad as its subsidiary. In 2007 CIDAN Machinery founded CIDAN Machinery Inc. in Atlanta, The U.S. and in 2012 CIDAN Machinery Trading Shanghai in Shanghai, China. Furthermore, CIDAN Machinery has a worldwide network of dealers ready to meet your sales and service needs of our CIDAN and Göteneds brands. All our machine concepts are based on our internal research and development for which we own the patents. Everyday we aim to develop new solutions to optimize sheet metal production. Our focus is on flexibility and ”simple-to-use” solutions of the highest quality. To See All of the CIDAN Product Line, Please Click Here! Please feel free to reach us to get more information about this product.