Since 1887, Dake has been a trusted name in manufacturing. Our tools have been passed down for generations for their reliability and durability. Today, our product line has expanded beyond hydraulic and arbor presses to include; bandsaws, cold saws, drill presses, laboratory presses, and more. The Dake entrepreneurial spirit lives on by empowering the next generation of metalworkers with quality tools that help make their dreams a reality.


Dake was a pioneer on the web and participated in early test sites on the internet. This paved the way for a whole new generation to learn about Dake machine tools. By partnering with top metalworking talent, Dake presses and saws were regularly featured on popular television shows such as Orange County Choppers, The Great Biker Build-Off, Gearz, X-treme 4×4, Muscle Car, and Horse Power. These partnerships helped push Dake to be seen as a trusted leader in the metalworking industry. To See All of the DAKE Product Line, Please Click Here! Please feel free to reach us to get more information about this product.