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Why Choose Gorbel® Products?
  1. Industry’s Best Warranty We are proud to offer a ten year (20,000 hour) warranty on manually operated crane systems. With this warranty, our customers are guaranteed years of quality, dependable service
  2. Quick Ship Programs Gorbel offers a 5-Day Quick Ship program which means that most cranes and most components can ship in five working days. Fast, reliable, on time shipments are just one of many ways Gorbel is working with our customers to make it easier to purchase our products. Optional two and three day shipments are also available at a premium.
  3. Reliability Since 1996 our on-time shipping percentage has been over 99%. We’re proud that our customers can rely on us to ship their orders on time, keeping to their installation schedules. No other manufacturer in the industry can offer five day shipping and a 99% on-time rate.
  4. Ease of Installation We’ve been told time and time again that our products are much easier to install than others in the industry.
  5. “If it’s late, we pay the freight” With this program if we don’t have an order ready to ship on or before the scheduled ship date, we will pay the freight for the order. Contact your local Gorbel® dealer for details.
  6. Multiple Shipping Points With manufacturing facilities in Fishers, New York; Pell City, Alabama; and Tianjin, China, we are able to offer multiple shipping points, decreasing shipping costs to our customers.
  7. Extensive Dealer Network Our network of dealers extends across North America and many countries internationally, making it easier for a trained local material handling sales consultant to provide the best solution for your needs.
  8. Customer Service Support Our customer service teams are the best in the industry.
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