– Into N2 Nitrogen Generator


Burns Machinery owns INTO-N2 and has been building aerospace manufacturing machinery for 35 years. We know controls, we know what testing machinery requires, and what all laser cutting shops need to keep production moving. INTO-N2 is built by a laser cutting and machinery manufacturing facility by an integrated team of experts in electrical, fabrication, pipe fitting, programmers, electronics, and machinists. Each Nitrogen Generator is tested on our 4000W fiber laser. Each new machine produces N2 for a minimum of 8 hours in the testing process. When it leaves Burns Machinery it is ready to install and produce Nitrogen. The machines are warrantied for 12 months from date of start-up on parts and labor. See warranty statement on proposals. We use what we sell. We run a fiber laser that has N2 supplied by an INTO-N2 PSA-6K-PB500. Ease of operation-the controls are intuitive. Generally replacement valves, sensors, and back up controls are in stock for immediate replacement. INTO-N2 does conference calls with all INTO-N2 customers for questions after the Warranty time has passed. We take care of INTO-N2 customers. Unlike other systems, INTO-N2 designs and builds the entire package including the PSA towers. We also fully integrate the system components into our own PLC control system which controls all aspects including purity, pressure settings, flow rates, and the boost pump. All the components of our integrated system fall under INTO-N2’S warranty. One phone call, one solution. Other systems on the market usually purchase someone’s PSA generator and someone’s boost pump (each with their own controls, service company and separate warranties) and mix and match them together. To See All of the INTO-N2 Product Line, Please Click Here! Please feel free to reach us to get more information about this product.