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Who we are

We are a technology company specialising in the development and manufacture of control, safety and operator protection systems for press brakes and related sheet metal machinery.

Since 1998 we have established relationships with the world’s leading press brake manufacturers and continue to strengthen market leadership across Europe and in other key international markets. Passion for technology and performance is what inspires and drives us. We really enjoy what we do and value the relationships we have built with the people we work with all over the world.

What we do

We design, develop and manufacture a range of safety control systems, optical laser protection and image processing systems specifically for application to hydraulic and electric press brakes.

Our primary path to market is through the press brake manufacturers who we collaborate with to embed systems and technology into press brake design to achieve the highest possible level of functionality, protection and performance. We also supply optical laser protection systems for the press brake retrofit market. These systems improve the safety of existing machinery to protect operators from injury while maintaining the highest possible level of machine performance. Aside from press brakes we offer safety and protection solutions for other types of sheet metal processing machinery including folding machines and hydraulic presses. Development of systems and technology to support the wider sheet metal industry continues through our ongoing research and development programs. We are also committed to the development and understanding of international safety standards and have representatives on international standards committees including CEN/TC, ANSI and ISO and are actively involved in the education and promotion of standards and their correct application.  
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