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NS MAQUINAS is a relatively young company headquartered in Portugal that has taken the traditional designs of standard machines a step further. They supply new products, such as their best selling edge rounding machine DM1100C, which is by far the most economical way to break and round edges on sheet metal parts efficiently. Their horizontal/vertical bar stock sanding machines fill interesting niches in the fabricating industry exceeding today’s industry quality standards. Metal Finish   NS Maquinas is distributed by Metal Finish out of Plainville, CT. NS products are known for being ergonomic, easy to operate and come from a high level of workmanship and quality. Engineering and production work closely together to build both standard products and customized systems to fit your graining and finishing application. They are especially adept at handling medium to large volume production of custom profiles and tubing. If you do not find your precise application in the lineup represented on this website, call us to inquire about the custom capability of NS. NS not only excels in design and quality, they also attach a very attractive price point to their products. Price, quality, and versatility have attracted a large number of customers worldwide to one of the best values in the industry. To See All of the NS Maquinas Product Line, Please Click Here! Please feel free to reach us to get more information about this product.