– Used CMS Pentax Model 4.50/T-PX5+GF



CMS Pentax Model 4.50/T-PX5+GF

Model 4.50/T-PX5+GF

SN: , STOCK #8846CCM
  • STROKE – X Axis: 5,000 mm; Y Axis: 1,580 mm; Z Axis: 1,580 mm;
  • FEED SPEED – X Axis: 90 m/min; Y Axis: 60 m/min; Z Axis: 30 m/min; B Axis: 30 rpm; C Axis: 40 rpm; B Axis Rotation: +/- 120°; C Axis Rotation: 450°;
  • Tool Capacity: 20 Tools;
  • Tool Holders: HSK 63/F; Collets: ETS40 / ER40;
  • Wired: 400/3;
  • Machine Weight: 6,000 kg;
  • Equipped with: Spindle Coolant System, Dekker VMX0553KA1-00 Vacuum Pump (Year 2006), Machine includes a selection of Air Vises and Vacuum Pods for work holding, and Machine is powered up and available for a demo
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