Some notable sales include a 1500 ton Accurpress Accell Press Brake to a customer in Washington, a (large) Davi Plate Roll to another customer in California, multiple Mazak lasers (with and without automation). Overall we have experienced an overall increase sales of machinery and material handling systems. From a sales standpoint a very good year, however good news often accompanies sad news. As many of you may know we experienced a heartbreaking tragedy with the loss of two of our most senior personnel early in the year and have worked hard to move forward and continue in the spirit of which this company was founded. I believe we have. On a positive note, since the aforementioned tragic loss, we have actually grown in leaps in bounds. While reflecting and examining our current business practices it was apparent change was required and this change has manifested in several ways. We hired a seasoned Operations Manager whom is providing structure and support ensuring past mistakes or poor practices are not repeated while defining roles, processes and empowering our entire team. We have also expanded our sales team with the addition of a new salesperson for our Northeastern territory. He is off to a great start and doing an excellent job helping customers in that region. We have added a new position titled Machine Sales Coordinator, whose primary role is to manage each order as submitted through purchase, delivery, and installation. A secondary role of this position is marketing. This additional focus ensures our company, new products and solutions are readily available to both existing and potential customers. The expansion continues in our service department. We now have three Machine Service Technicians, each bringing different experiences and talent to our service team. Customer support and service is a foundational precept of Fahey Machinery Company. Our service team benefits from continuing education be it classroom, seminars or other venues often provided by the manufacturers we represent in order to support the products and technologies we offer . We continue to explore ways to expand this department over the coming year as our goal is to have a serviceman available the same or next day following the request. In closing I wish to thank all of our customers. It is because of you we have grown so much in the last years. Our promise to you through our dedication to continued improvement is to produce a better sales, support and service experience for you and in turn support your own growth. This is a valued partnership and we will work hard to do our part to make it work for you.