Fahey Machinery Company Inc. just closed another year and it’s officially “on the books”. It was a very good year, almost record breaking! We installed two new Accurpress 1500-ton press brakes and are just wrapping up the installation of a 30’ x 40’ robotic press brake cell. Once programmed this amazing robotic production cell will load its own tools, retrieve a raw blank from a stack of same, manipulate the material until it is a finished part and neatly stack it to be ready for pick up. Sound like just another robotic bending cell? Not quite, as this one incorporates a robotic crane working in conjunction with a 650-ton Accurpress press brake to perform all those steps described above. There is more exciting new as we have added a few new brands of machinery to complement our existing lineup. These additions have filled the gaps in our existing offerings allowing us to better provide the right machine for the application thereby enhancing our ability to meet our customer’s actual end use needs. Our new and used inventories are the largest I have experienced. If you are in the area please stop by for a visit. Walk in visitors are always welcome however, if your able to set an appointment in advance we will arrange to have a salesperson representing your area to meet you. With notice we can also arrange for a demonstration. I am very proud of our team’s professional growth as each member continues to embrace and practice the Fahey vision of excellent customer service. Let’s be real, our goal is to provide you quality machinery within your budget, with the best possible customer service and in the least disruptive manner to your operation. Thank you all for your continued support and business and here’s to another great year!