Fahey Machinery Company Inc. of Portland Oregon has recently become a SafanDarley dealer for the Greater Pacific Northwest region of the United States (Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Hawaii). With the aid of SafanDarley we received our first Press Brake on our showroom floor last month, an E-Brake 130-3100 Ultra NS. Our service technician team aided the factory tech in setting up the brake and soon after received operator and maintenance training on the machine. Within a day the entire sales team received a presentation/demonstration of the E-Brake130 as all were eager and pleased to learn its proper application for any prospective client. The E-Brake 130 left everyone impressed with its ability to execute the basic task of bending metal accurately (which we all are very familiar with) yet to see a large machine do it almost silently was amazing. We are also impressed with the touchscreen control, which is large, bright, clear and easy to interact with. Any operator should easily learn the control quickly and we predict in a very short amount of time become proud of “their” machine. It’s that good. Oh, did we mention the color scheme… they nailed it. It really is a 21st century machine and we are pleased to have it in our house. Fahey Machinery Company Inc. has been providing sales and service of metal fabrication and cutting machines for 57 years and we are proud to represent SafanDarley Press Brakes and Shears. Happy Holidays and thank you for your patronage.