At Fahey Machinery Company we not only sell and service new and used metal fabrication machinery, we also operate a complete parts and tooling sales department. This department is run by a one man show, Mr. Monte Cohen. Monte has been with the company since 2013. Originally hired as the warehouse supervisor he was exposed to a wide variety of machines and machine tooling along with clients using or searching for these very items. It was a natural transition to Parts and Tooling Sales. Over these past years of working closely with our service department, salespeople and of course the customer, Monte has gained an extensive knowledge of repair parts and tooling. He is well versed in aiding those looking for that often elusive replacement part, a tooling request or a familiar consumable item for a wide variety of metal cutting and fabrication equipment. Monte is fluent in press brake tooling! He can aid a customer unfamiliar with the different types/styles of tooling discover what they have ensuring they get not only the right tool, but the right style of tang. In the consumable world of die protector, saw blade and metal cutting lubricants, Monte is your man. He has access to several blade manufacturers with short lead time and keeps a good quantity of Unist “Coollube” on hand ready for that next order. If Monte can’t get it or is unfamiliar with the item or request he typically can find that information or direct the customer to someone who can. Like most, Monte has a favorite pastime. His began as a hobby and developed into a part time profession and is now a well-known local photographer. He plies his trade under the moniker of Monte Ray Cohen Photography and enjoys capturing subjects from the recent eclipse to natural flora and fauna found in local spots like The Japanese Garden here in Portland, Oregon. Monte also loves experimenting with fractals and fast action still shots and the results are astonishing. Our most recent holiday greeting card employed a stunning still shot of Multnomah Falls he took just a few miles outside of Portland.