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Delivers Extraordinary Precision

with High Accurate Material Indexing

  • 5 HP
  • 1-1/4″ Blade
  • Automatic
  • NC Back Gauge
  • Self Diagnostics
  • Variable Blade Speed
  • Wheel Cover Limit Switch

  • Saw Head Frame
  • The rigid ‘C’ section frame carries the mountings for the two band wheels, heavy-duty worm drive gear reducer, the band drive motor, and saw guide arm mounting supports.
  • Band Wheels & Drive System
  • The band wheels are cast iron for long, productive life. The deflection free 1.38 inch (35 mm.) wheel spindles ensure the wheels run true regardless of tension stress or cutting loads. The spindle assemblies incorporate tapered roller bearings for greater rigidity and long service life. The wheel tracks the blade so that the back of the band is contacts the wheel flanges to support the band. The drive motor is coupled to the transmission through a variable speed pulley. 
  • Wide Blade (1 1/4 inch, 34mm)
  •  The wider blade, for this capacity machine, can make full utilization of the large band drive motor (5 hp, 3.7 kW) when cutting all shapes and alloys.
  • Drive Wheel Transmission
  • The drive wheel transmission is designed and built by Amada to provide high-efficiency speed reduction, which requires no external cooling, to deliver more power to the large diameter drive hub. This hub ensures that this developed torque is transferred to the blade with no strobing, enabling the machine to efficiently cut high alloys as well as free machining materials.
  • Pressure/Flow Feed Control
  • The independent pressure and flow controls in series ensure the optimum cutting rate can be obtained regardless of section or alloy being cut. The pressure control determines the cutting force applied to the blade and the flow control sets the maximum fall rate of the head. For example, for difficult to machine materials the pressure is set higher than free machining alloys and the flow is set lower, as shown on the escutcheons above the control knobs.
  • Idler Wheel Motion Detector
  • The wheel motion detector will turn off the blade drive in the case where a blade breaks or is jammed in the workpiece. This feature also prevents premature wear on the drive wheel from a stalled band.
  • NC Control of Cutting and Auto Cycle
  • The NC index control provides greater flexibility and expanded capabilities compared to a The controller enables the operator to specify the index home position – forward and clamped or at the index position and open. The controller also determines the speed of the index vise motion forward and reverse. It provides independent ramp cycles for the forward and rear traverse. The speed ramp up and down for moving the work piece is slower when it is positioning the work piece than when it is moving without work. This feature provides more accurate indexing of the work piece.
  • Smart Multiple Index
  • The machine control has the capability to make multiple full length index strokes until the length remaining to index is less than the full index stroke (15.8 in., 400mm.) the last index stroke is the remaining length.
  • Band Deviation Monitor ®
  • This patented cutting control device can reduce scrap by warning when the blade is no longer cutting within the operator’s settings for deviation. The allowable deviation limit is set by the operator independently for each direction. The digital deviation indicator will flash when the blade deviation exceeds either maximum. If the deviation continues to exceed the preset value the NC controller will stop the cutting, raise the saw head and display the exceeded deviation value.
  • Split Front Vise
  • The work holding vise is split so that it clamps the work piece on both sides of the cutting plane. This additional support in front of the cutting plane minimizes the burr on the cut pieces.
  • Powered Chip Conveyor
  • The powered chip conveyor auger automatically removes the saw chips from the saw while draining the cutting fluid back into the fluid reservoir. The automatic chip conveyor greatly reduces cleanup time and enables the machine to run longer without operator cleanup.


Cutting Capacity1.18" - 10" Rnd; 10.6" x 10" Rect (W x H)