February 2020:

For All the Tooling Needs You May Have, Monte is Here for You!

At Fahey Machinery Company we not only sell and service new and used metal fabrication machinery, we also operate a complete parts and tooling sales department. This department is run by a one man show, Mr. Monte Cohen. Monte has been with the company since 2013. Originally hired as the warehouse supervisor he was exposed to a wide variety of machines and machine tooling along with clients using or searching for these very items. It was a natural transition to Parts and Tooling Sales. Over these past years of working closely with our service department, salespeople and of course the customer, Monte has gained an extensive knowledge of repair parts and tooling. He is well versed in aiding those looking for that often elusive replacement part, a tooling request or a familiar consumable item for a wide variety of metal cutting and fabrication equipment. Monte is fluent in press brake tooling! He can aid a customer unfamiliar with the different types/styles of tooling discover what they have ensuring they get not only the right tool, but the right style of tang. In the consumable world of die protector, saw blade and metal cutting lubricants, Monte is your man. He has access to several blade manufacturers with short lead time and keeps a good quantity of Unist “Coollube” on hand ready for that next order. If Monte can’t get it or is unfamiliar with the item or request he typically can find that information or direct the customer to someone who can. Like most, Monte has a favorite pastime. His began as a hobby and developed into a part time profession and is now a well-known local photographer. He plies his trade under the moniker of Monte Ray Cohen Photography and enjoys capturing subjects from the recent eclipse to natural flora and fauna found in local spots like The Japanese Garden here in Portland, Oregon. Monte also loves experimenting with fractals and fast action still shots and the results are astonishing. Our most recent holiday greeting card employed a stunning still shot of Multnomah Falls he took just a few miles outside of Portland.


December 2019:

Introducing SafanDarley!

Fahey Machinery Company Inc. of Portland Oregon has recently become a SafanDarley dealer for the Greater Pacific Northwest region of the United States (Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Hawaii). With the aid of SafanDarley we received our first Press Brake on our showroom floor last month, an E-Brake 130-3100 Ultra NS. Our service technician team aided the factory tech in setting up the brake and soon after received operator and maintenance training on the machine. Within a day the entire sales team received a presentation/demonstration of the E-Brake130 as all were eager and pleased to learn its proper application for any prospective client. The E-Brake 130 left everyone impressed with its ability to execute the basic task of bending metal accurately (which we all are very familiar with) yet to see a large machine do it almost silently was amazing. We are also impressed with the touchscreen control, which is large, bright, clear and easy to interact with. Any operator should easily learn the control quickly and we predict in a very short amount of time become proud of “their” machine. It’s that good. Oh, did we mention the color scheme… they nailed it. It really is a 21st century machine and we are pleased to have it in our house. Fahey Machinery Company Inc. has been providing sales and service of metal fabrication and cutting machines for 57 years and we are proud to represent SafanDarley Press Brakes and Shears. Happy Holidays and thank you for your patronage.

***** October 2019:

A letter from the President.

Fahey Machinery Company Inc. just closed another year and it’s officially “on the books”. It was a very good year, almost record breaking! We installed two new Accurpress 1500-ton press brakes and are just wrapping up the installation of a 30’ x 40’ robotic press brake cell. Once programmed this amazing robotic production cell will load its own tools, retrieve a raw blank from a stack of same, manipulate the material until it is a finished part and neatly stack it to be ready for pick up. Sound like just another robotic bending cell? Not quite, as this one incorporates a robotic crane working in conjunction with a 650-ton Accurpress press brake to perform all those steps described above. There is more exciting new as we have added a few new brands of machinery to complement our existing lineup. These additions have filled the gaps in our existing offerings allowing us to better provide the right machine for the application thereby enhancing our ability to meet our customer’s actual end use needs. Our new and used inventories are the largest I have experienced. If you are in the area please stop by for a visit. Walk in visitors are always welcome however, if your able to set an appointment in advance we will arrange to have a salesperson representing your area to meet you. With notice we can also arrange for a demonstration. I am very proud of our team’s professional growth as each member continues to embrace and practice the Fahey vision of excellent customer service. Let’s be real, our goal is to provide you quality machinery within your budget, with the best possible customer service and in the least disruptive manner to your operation. Thank you all for your continued support and business and here’s to another great year!

***** August 2019:

Leading with Dedication and Passion…

For the past eight months Fahey Machinery Company’s Service Department has been led by Sergio Maldonado and he is fitting right into the role! Sergio started with Fahey in October of 2017 as a Service Technician and within no time his leadership potential became obvious to upper management. Sergio started in the industry as a forklift mechanic assistant and due to being a extremely fast learner and living what he was doing he eventually moved up to working on and repairing machinery, which has led him to where is today with Fahey Machinery. Although he spends a great deal of time in the office now managing the team and repairing Fahey stock machines, he can still be found out in the field assisting his team and filling in where needed, still to this day his favorite machine to work on are shears.

Originally from Lincoln Heights in Northeast Los Angeles, California. Sergio moved to the Portland, Oregon area in 2014 with his wife and children, he is a proud father of nine and loves spending time with all his children fishing, camping, and playing sports. Sergio is a great leader who believes the quote “People will sink the whole ship just because they cant be the captain.

***** June 2019:

Post North West Machine Tool Exposition Show Excitement!

Fahey Machinery Company had an amazing time at this year’s NW Machine Tool Expo show. We came home with plenty of future sales contacts and made many wonderful new acquaintances.We are very pleased to have participated in this year’s show and look forward to what the future holds! This year, our booth was packed (quiet literally) with a nice selection of our product line. The manufacturers on display included Accurpress, Willis Machinery, Virtek, Trilogy Machinery, Metal Finish, Wila Tooling, Amada-Marvel, and we took advantage of the setting to introduce our latest line FlexArm. This year’s expo didn’t just allow our Sales team to strut their stuff, but also our outstanding Service Team! We were fortunate enough to have all four members of our Service team present for the entire show allowing them to not only put aside of their shop uniforms in exchange for some snazzy logo polo’s and slacks, but also to demonstrate their vast knowledge of the various product lines we carry. Needless to say, the show was a great success for the entire Fahey Team! We would like to take this moment to thank everyone that stopped in and visited us at our booth; Thank you! As we at Fahey Machinery Company move into the second half of 2019 we remain determined to stay focused on providing excellent equipment and service throughout this amazing year and as always we are thankful to all of our wonderful customers, it is because of you that we continue to grow, improve and become stronger as the years pass!

***** April 2019:

BIG Anticipation for The 2019 NW Machine Tool Expo!

Every two years we have the pleasure of participating as a vendor in the Northwest Machine Tool Expo. Our location is just south of downtown Portland Oregon making this a natural event for locals such as ourselves. It gives us the opportunity to meet new and existing customers and interact with other vendors and of course the rare chance to meet and chat it up with our competition! This year in addition to our well-seasoned sales team we will be joined by several machine manufacturer representatives. We are excited to have these knowledgeable individuals available as resources willing to share their insight and experience with their company’s product line. We believe this will provide an unusual opportunity to customers attempting to qualify and identify their own specific metal fabrication machinery needs. Consider this your invitation to visit us at the biennial Northwest Machine Tool Expo at the Oregon Convention Center, 777 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland, OR 97232  Wednesday, May 8th – Exhibit Hall: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm / Conference: 8:40 am – 3:10 pm and Thursday, May 9 – Exhibit Hall: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm / Conference: 8:40 am – 2:00 pm. www.mtenw.machinetoolexpos.com Come on out to the show and visit Fahey Machinery Company Inc / booth 661. See you there!

***** December 2018:

Seasons Greeting from Fahey Machinery Company Inc.!

The holiday season is upon us and the festive spirit of same reminds us of how thankful we are for loyal customers, supportive vendors and of course our own wonderful employees. This year each member of our service team benefited from spending a week visiting two of our key vendor manufacturing facilities allowing them to see the complex machines they work on in the field in various stages of development. We also brought a long-desired concept to fruition of having a first responder and operator support technician for our line of Laser cutting machines. This new program is already showing great promise. These experiences and investments have further strengthened an already strong bond with these vendors. Parts and tooling sales remain as strong as machine Sales with the office staff working hard to support all. While it may seem like all work and no play nothing could be further than the truth. It’s a cheerful place to work with plenty of laughter to get us through each day. Our showroom/shop is an everchanging carousel of new and used machinery so be sure to check our website often! It’s been a great year and as 2018 comes to a close we see 2019 already showing great promise. Speaking of 2019… Happy New Year Everyone!

***** October 2018:

Fahey Machinery Company, Inc. Is Pleased To Introduce Dylan Hardy As The Newest Member Of Our Team.

Dylan, a native Californian moved to Oregon in 2011 and began his career in the metal fabrication industry as a Laser Operator. Dylan is the son of Dion Hardy, General Manager of Connor Manufacturing who was the influence for Dylan in the world of lasers as well as his greatest role model. As the first Fahey Machinery Company Laser Applications Technician, he will continue to develop his skills with a visit to Mazak this fall attending a course typically reserved for training factory Laser Service Engineers. This course will be added to the many other Mazak courses Dylan has already attended in his career. This position is a new direction for both Mazak Optonics and Fahey Machinery. Viewed as a “first responder” yet still a dealer employed service technician available to help train and assist operators on both current and newer machines. This new service, which we believe will improve service request time by allowing us to help the client in providing a level of triage in determining if there is an actual need to escalate the request for a Mazak service engineer or if he is able to solve the issue at hand via site visit or over the phone. The end result is an increased level of client service and more up time. Having a solid background in production with Co2 and Fiber lasers including Mazak Smart System and Radan software, will allow Dylan to have productive conversations with owners and operators of Mazak Laser cutting systems. Dylan’s favorite quote is “10% of Life is what happens to you, and 90% of life is how you react to it.” We believe he is reacting quite well.

***** August 2018:

Exciting Changes Happening at Fahey Machinery Company Inc!

Change continues to happen at Fahey Machinery Company Inc.  As previously announced, the addition of Landon Banks to our sales team (Oregon territory), along with our Machine Sales Coordinator and Marketing Manager Caryn Showerman has proven to be a positive impact in sales and customer service. We also continue our efforts to grow our Machinery Service Technician Team’s knowledge base with vendor supported factory training and are excited and are entertaining the prospect of adding additional personnel to this team soon. Now for the BIG NEWS. Fahey Machinery Company, Inc. has rebranded! The new company logo incorporates an image of Mt. Hood symbolizing our appreciation of our location in the Pacific Northwest and the perseverance and longevity of Fahey Machinery Company Inc. We were excited with the prospect of rebranding and now that it’s complete we find ourselves energized by the results. Fahey Machinery Company Inc remains dedicated to ongoing improvement and takes pride in providing excellent customer service from pre-purchase throughout ownership. As we forge ahead with a renewed look we wish to thank everyone for their loyalty, support and healthy competition throughout the years and we hope for many more years to come.

***** June 2018:

The Newest Member of the Team, Caryn Showerman!

We are pleased to introduce our Machine Sales Coordinator, Caryn Showerman. Caryn became a member of the Fahey Machinery Company team in September of 2017 after relocating to the Portland Metro area from her home state of Michigan. Caryn also serves in two secondary roles as our Used Machine Refurbishing Specialist and Marketing Manager. As our Machine Sales Coordinator she works closely with the Sales team processing each order submitted then coordinating with client, vendor, rigging and freight companies. During this time Caryn provides updates while closely tracking the progress of each order to ensure all is accounted right up to delivery and installation. Caryn’s ability to develop positive supportive lasting relationships with both customer and vendor is much appreciated. Caryn has an Associates degree in Art as well as a Bachelors degree in Marketing and Sales and is considering her options on how best to pursue and obtain her Master’s degree in Business Administration. One of her greatest passions is art and she enjoys applying this skillset when refurbishing used machinery. Caryn has an eye for detail and it shows on each item she tackles. As the oldest daughter of Company President TJ Hatfield she represents the fifth generation of family that have worked in the metal fabrication/industrial machine industry either in sales and manufacturing or both. As a young girl some of Caryn’s early memories are being on the road making sales calls in Michigan with her father. Caryn’s goal is to follow in her father’s footsteps and to continue to learn and grow at Fahey Machinery Company. Caryn is extremely thankful for the opportunity to work not only along side her father but to work for such a strong and resilient company and cannot wait to see what the future holds for her here at Fahey Machinery.

***** March 2018:

Fahey Machinery’s Newest Salesmen, Landon Banks!

As we move into the New Year, Fahey Machinery Company Inc. continues to grow its sales team to better meet the need of our existing customers while expanding our customer base. The newest addition to Fahey’s sales team is Landon Banks. Landon began his career with Fahey Machinery Company as a Machine Sales Coordinator affording him insight into the entire sales order process through delivery and sign off by our customer. His interest in sales and passion for our product made this move a natural next step in his career. Landon’s sales territory covers Eastern Washington, the Idaho Panhandle, and Montana Landon is no stranger to the industry being the son of our Sales Manager, Doug Banks. Doug and our President TJ Hatfield have mentored Landon and will continue to be a valuable resource as he tackles his new position. An Oregon native Landon currently resides in the Portland metro area, but is planning to relocate to Spokane, Washington which is centrally located in his sales territory. Recently, Landon and his wife welcomed their first child into the world, a beautiful healthy baby girl. Landon hopes she will grow to have the same love and passion for his alma mater Oregon State University, translated; the Oregon Ducks, not to forget his other love, golf. Golf being Landon’s first career choice where his hard work landed him a professional ranking. He enjoyed the game and competition for several years before taking a different career path and joining the Fahey team. Landon describes the favorite part of his new job as meeting both potential and existing clients and learning about their business. He has an extreme fascination with the manufacturing process from raw material to finished product and how each customer navigates the challenges associated with same. This curiosity and insight allow him to focus in on existing and future needs of his client. Lastly, a quote to live by according to Landon is, “Never give up! Failure and rejection are only the first steps of succeeding.” From all of us at Fahey Machinery Company Inc., we wish everyone great success in 2018!

***** December 2017:

 2017 has been an eventful year for the Fahey Machinery Company family.

Some notable sales include a 1500 ton Accurpress Accell Press Brake to a customer in Washington, a (large) Davi Plate Roll to another customer in California, multiple Mazak lasers (with and without automation). Overall we have experienced an overall increase sales of machinery and material handling systems. From a sales standpoint a very good year, however good news often accompanies sad news. As many of you may know we experienced a heartbreaking tragedy with the loss of two of our most senior personnel early in the year and have worked hard to move forward and continue in the spirit of which this company was founded. I believe we have. On a positive note, since the aforementioned tragic loss, we have actually grown in leaps in bounds. While reflecting and examining our current business practices it was apparent change was required and this change has manifested in several ways. We hired a seasoned Operations Manager whom is providing structure and support ensuring past mistakes or poor practices are not repeated while defining roles, processes and empowering our entire team. We have also expanded our sales team with the addition of a new salesperson for our Northeastern territory. He is off to a great start and doing an excellent job helping customers in that region. We have added a new position titled Machine Sales Coordinator, whose primary role is to manage each order as submitted through purchase, delivery, and installation. A secondary role of this position is marketing. This additional focus ensures our company, new products and solutions are readily available to both existing and potential customers. The expansion continues in our service department. We now have three Machine Service Technicians, each bringing different experiences and talent to our service team. Customer support and service is a foundational precept of Fahey Machinery Company. Our service team benefits from continuing education be it classroom, seminars or other venues often provided by the manufacturers we represent in order to support the products and technologies we offer . We continue to explore ways to expand this department over the coming year as our goal is to have a serviceman available the same or next day following the request. In closing I wish to thank all of our customers. It is because of you we have grown so much in the last years. Our promise to you through our dedication to continued improvement is to produce a better sales, support and service experience for you and in turn support your own growth. This is a valued partnership and we will work hard to do our part to make it work for you.